About Me

  • NAME: Andrei AMZA
  • PROFESSION: Software developer
  • AGE: 23
  • NATIONALITY: Romanian
  • CITY: Bucharest
  • PHONE: +4 0747 595 623
  • E-MAIL: mail@andreiamza.com
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My Skills

PHP 90%

Laravel & LUMEN 80%

Zend Framework 80%

PHPUnit & Codeception 60%

JavaScript & jQuery 80%

HTML & CSS 100%

MSSQL Server & MySQL 80%

MongoDB 60%

Git 100%

Vagrant & Docker 100%

Agile Methodology 100%

GITLAB-CI & Jenkins 80%

Job Experiences


Senior Software Developer(June 2017 - Present)

I am currently rewriting the old commercial application for Spain and Italy countries. Every member of this team is responsible for understanding the old business logic from PERL code and rewriting the new module in Zend Framework 2. Also, every programmer is doing code review and testing for different tasks.

Another project I was involved in, was to create the architecture of an ACL module and implement it. It was my proposal to the team and it was voted the best solution for our needs. It will be successfully used for future external applications.

British School of Bucharest

PHP Developer (Aug 2016 - June 2017)

I had developed a Laravel based project that is meant to manage and assure the good working of the British School of Bucharest. The project in an ERP type platform that was designed around the basic business and administrative needs of the school. It can keep track of pupils information, teachers allocations as well as class scheduling and room booking. Another interesting feature that I've worked on is the school trip planner that streamlines the process of organizing a field trip.

Also, a project that I've found interesting was an API for an IOS application. The main idea was to have a wall with public questions, filtered by your selected interests. In order to achieve the intended functionality, we've decided to work with the Lumen framework.


IT Consultant (Aug 2015 - July 2016)

Rasirom is a general entrepreneur that provides specialized services in the fields of security projects and premises management. It is coordinated by the Romanian Intelligence Service.

This was my first job as employee. Despite of my official position, which was Junior Programmer, I didn’t work only on developing applications. My main tasks were to recommend information technology strategies, to manage crisis situations, to secure the network inside the Palace of the Parliament and to integrate in the software provided from Honeywell different modules developed in C++ and C#.

In this company I had the occasion to participate at some security courses:
- Honeywell Software Specialist Course – Germany;
- Forensics in Linux & Windows – South Korea.

ADOT Software

Founder & Software developer (June 2013 - Present)

I started as a freelancer. I associated with my highschool classmate and we started a small company. It was a nice experience because I also had administrative tasks. It was very educational because I’ve learned web technologies and I also went to negotiations with our clients.

In this period, I’ve developed both my technical skills and software skills. I also learned how it feels to manage a company. We made some projects for romanian clients.

Educational Qualification

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bucharest

BSc Computer Science(2013 - 2016)

Saint Sava National College, Bucharest

Mathematics and Computer Science (2009 - 2013)